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With minimalistic approach in mind, high end hardware, top shelf components and meticulous attention to detail, our goal is very simple - create a modern looking, very stabile and incredible sounding instrument. 

We pay homage to a "V shape" design which we have stripped down to the point where only form remained familiar.  Nobody really needs huge ass plastic pick guards either - I love letting wood do the talking.
Since we operate as a custom shop, a lot of customizable options are available; huge variety of timber, electronics, hardware, finish options etc. I encourage you to grab that craft beer, glass of vino, kombucha or whatever you enjoy drinking and freely peruse this space, read up on models and have a look at some photos too. Don't be a stranger, drop me a line, tell your friends if you think they'd dig.

There are currently three six string models available: TSUNAMI, MOTH and KAGE. GOJIRA and YAKUZA being seven string models and KAMINARI as an eight string model. They are all neck through body construction. Pretty fancy, right?

If you are sucker for V's just like me, fire a message my way and let's spec your dream V. Fifty percent of the cost is needed before hand to get you in a build queue as a deposit and remaining balance should be paid before guitar is being shipped. Build time is currently 6 months. Please bear in mind, deposit is non refundable.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram, links are below. There's a Spotify link to a carefully curated playlist if you wish to chill and relax while browsing the World Wide Web.

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