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YAKUZA! Our latest seven string model features figured wood across entire top surface, still rocking that neck-through body badass core because - why the fuck not?! One thing to point out though - this particular model was spec'd for a guitar player who wanted it to look certain way, somewhat flashy - in your face! So yes, yours does NOT need to have killswitch and YES - we can add another pickup as it is rather easy to route another hole after all.

So, what do we got here? Ash wings, maple/padauk/wenge/padauk/maple in the construction. Spalted maple as top in gloss finish to add depth and that extra lil something what client have imagined. The longer you look at this guitar closely - it just keeps on giving, right? Jescar Gold Evo frets are installed on pale moon ebony fretboard which looks dramatic AF if you ask me. Have you noticed black veneer between body and the top? We are totally in love with subtle details like that. Obviously, gold hardware was a must and this is the first time we used industrial tuning pegs. Lundgren pickup was installed, gold volume control knob, sleek lookin' killswitch, gold string plate at the back and gold input jack to tie it all together beautifully.

Want one like this? - Somewhat possible! Want something different? Definitely possible. We are constantly upgrading our wood library and there's an array of different species for you to choose from. If there is something you specifically want and we don't have it - no biggie, we know few people who do. Same thing goes for electronics, we got it ALL. Anyway, hit that contact button and let's get your build going. You are constantly kept in the loop regarding progress of your builds as I send photos of your guitar - NOT dick picks.
Starting price: USD3666

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