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Fancy top wood enthusiasts, this one is for you! It doesn't matter if you like curly maple, maple burl, spalted maple, buckeye burl, walnut, rosewood, ebony, ziricote - we've got it ALL. Particular one in the photos below is sporting maple burl which has been dyed black and sanded back slightly to bring the figure even more. It has been dyed bright red afterwards to achieve this rather dramatic look. We can stain your V any color you choose. 

We installed Black Heaven pickup by Lundgren on this particular guitar, added black string ferrules block, black Hipshot bridge and locking tuners. Neck-through body construction consists out of 7 piece wenge, curly maple, ebony veneer and padouk stripe running through the middle. African mahogany wings have also black pigment added during grain filling process. Yes, more work - but look at the outcome!

Twenty four silver nickel frets, on a Macassar ebony fretboard with 25.5" scale, 16" neck radius and a D shape which is very comfortable and fast to play. Entire instrument is finished with Tru-oil. Think silky smooth for your greasy fingers. This guitar should be handled wearing cotton gloves.

Instalilng neck pickup, different wiring are options worth considering. If you want to spec your own dream V, smash that contact button and get in touch. 

Starting price: USD3050, FREE shipping

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