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KAMINARI is a Japanese word for thunder with a direct translation of “god roar". It is also a name for our eight string model.

I will be honest here, installing a Lundgren's M8 was the only choice that made sense even when an eight string guitar was just an idea. And here it is, in its all glory; with black Hipshot bridge and matching open locking tuners. American walnut was used for wings, neck through body construction consisting of 5 piece maple, mahogany and padouk stripe running through the middle beautifully contrasting the rest of the timber. Two carbon rods are installed as a neck reinforcement under ebony fretboard along with a dual adjustment truss rod.  Croatian curly maple top was dyed with red/pink stain and sprayed with gloss finish and wings are matte black.

Twenty four jumbo stainless steel frets, 27" scale, 17" neck radius and modern C shape which is very comfortable to play and specifically carved for our customer who also wanted blue Luminlay fretboard markers both on sides and fretboard. There is a volume control and push-pull potentiometer and black input jack. Keeping it simple!
Installing a neck pickup and different wiring, adding fancy wood tops are options worth considering if you want to spec your own dream V? Smash that contact button and get in touch. 

Starting price: 3888

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